About Us

We are driven by the idea that no matter how much Mankind shall develop, the need for healthy living shall still depend on good Nutrition, the need for comfort and leisure on specialized Agricultural products and the need for energy on innovative green solutions found in Agriculture.

We partner with national, regional and Global actors in the quest to actualize SDGs related to; socio-economic growth, food security, sustainable agriculture, clean energy and health.

Grikilmo Consultancy Services.

Founded in the year 2020, AGrikilimo Consultancy Services is a registered company in Kenya with the capability for global operations. We have the mandate to carry out business and policy developments. We are a Multidisciplinary Agricultural research consultancy in partnership with regional, national, and Global actors in the quest to actualize Sustainable Development Goals related to; socio-economic growth, food security, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, waste management, and health. We aim at providing solutions to the most challenging agricultural problems through sustainable technological developments to promote Agribusiness.

We Think! Plan! And Do           

                                                                                                                                                                                        CORE VALUES
1. Attitude change.
2. Environment
3. Inclusivity.
4. Promote Passion
5. Relationships
6. Training And Development






Climate Smart Agriculture farm visit

1. Agribusiness Advice.
2. Clean energy- biogas installation.
3. Extension services – capacity building.
4. Clean energy- biogas installation.
5. Digital Solutions for Agricultural Businesses
6. Development of Strategic plans
7. Development of Business Proposals
8. Monitoring and Evaluation.
9. Multidisciplinary research.
10. Policy development
11. Procurement of agricultural material inputs
12. Retooling experts
13. Research proposal development, writing, and project implementation.


The team at AGrikilimo Consultancy Services is made up of experienced professional staff and enthusiastic individuals with a passion for not only making agriculture a sustainable practice but also A Climate Smart Venture. AGrikilimo signed a partnership Memorandum of understanding with The Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) in fulfillment of the Regenerative
Agriculture practices for improved Livelihoods and Markets (REALMS) provided by The SNV Netherlands. Additionally, we are also offering Advisory Services to WERU Technical and Vocational Training Center in Malindi, Kenya Moreover, we are also open to such-like partnerships.


   Weru TVC -Strength of Practical Skills -